6 Stages of a Ski Season!

6 stages of a ski season in months, for Seasonaires.
Stage 1, December.

Awake at 7am, hungover? Fresh air skiing will cure you.
Tired? Skiing will wake me up
Boots hurting? Ahh I just need to wear them in a bit, no dramas!

You spend every day, on the slopes until around Christmas.

Stage 2, Christmas and January.

The Family are out I better ski.
Its far to busy to ski today, ill just go to the bar and try again tomorrow.
The nightlife is busy at the minute so I would rather go out than ski.

The slopes are so busy at this time of year, although feeling you should be skiing, you don’t really want to.

Stage 3.

Too Cold.
Half term week, I’m not skiing with all them punters.

The novelty of skiing all day, everyday has worn off by now.

Stage 4.

Wake up at mid-day, fancy a boozy brunch?
At this point, skiing is just a method of transport. Ski to lunch? Ski to the Follie?

Usually, you ski to sit outside a bar, on the mountain, in the sun. Instagram game is now strong.

Stage 5 April.

I need to make the most of skiing before the season finishes. Christ, the snow is already melting, wish I skied more in February and March!
The panic sets in as you realise your season is almost over. The Easter holiday ruins proceedings as the punters come for the sun skiing.

Stage 6, closing parties.
“I’m going to every single one, I don’t care if I haven’t been to that bar all winter! Free booze and I’m broke.”
“Skiing, what’s that?”

Unfortunately, all 6 stages end far too quickly. You will always end up waiting for next winter in May!





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