A Seasonaires guide to a ski Season in Val D’Isere!

A ski season in Val d isere

When I left school, I wasn’t interested in going to university. My real passion was exploring and travelling, so I went and did a ski season. Threw basecamp, I managed to become a basi level 2 ski instructor. But that was the boring part!

I arrived in Val D Isere in December. Living on my own I decided the best way for me to meet new people, and make friends was to go out that evening. It turned out I met a lot of new people, without remembering them! I woke up the following morning to a phone call asking if I wanted to join some people skiing. Just like that I had met my best friends for the next 6 months.

When you are on a ski season, nothing else in the world matters. You wake up, ski, eat, drink and then go back to sleep. Life is great, you have no pressure whatsoever. I learnt many valuable life skills as well. Like how to teach, meet new people daily, and most importantly, how to cook!

I would 100% recommend a season to anyone who is A, unsure about what they want to study. Just defer for a year, enjoy yourself! Or B, not sure uni is for them, like me, you will save a hell of a lot of money, whilst still getting the party experience.

Things to Expect.

You will finish with NO money whatsoever!

You arrived with high expectations. You would carefully put away a sum of money into your savings account each week, like the responsible human being you are.

Instead, you spend those savings on Joss shots, late night Large pizza pizzas and those ski boots you just couldn’t do without.

You won’t have a clue what day it is, never mind the date and you will be going home far to soon!

That’s right, after a week of being in Val, somebody asked me what day it was. I had no idea. Monday, no Tuesday? Ahh yes that’s right Friday!

You won’t know, or care about the date, until somehow January, February and March were Cancelled and it’s April all of a sudden, and you’re begging time to stop.

You will never be able to anticipate how quickly a season ends. It genuinely feels like you skipped winter. Well, at least the sort of grim, grey, drizzly winters that you used to know in the UK.

You Won’t Be skiing Everyday

You’ll start out with good intentions. You’ll be catching first lifts or a squeezing a quick run in between work shifts.

A month later? You’ll be too hungover and knackered to make it onto the chairlift everyday.

Yes, you love skiing more than ever. But by the end of the season, if the snow isn’t absolutely perfect, you’ll just sack skiing off altogether, and the pub is too easy to reach in trainers, than a chairlift in ski boots.


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