Out Of Africa!

Wow! What a month i have just had in Africa. From the hustle and bustle of Nairobi at rush hour, to the peace and tranquility of the bush in the maasi mara. Africa had it all!

I landed late evening in Livingstone. From the airport i had an hours drive to the hotel, the Royal Chundu. Which was simply breath taking! I was escorted by boat to my river lodge,  and told to not swim in the river, as the sound of hippos rang out across the river! The next day i woke to a fantastic breakfast before being transferred off to see Victoria Falls. Beautiful! i couldn’t believe my eyes. So it was straight off for a helicopter ride over the falls and back up to the Hotel.


When i arrived i was pleasantly surprised to see my rooms outdoor bath run, overlooking the river. Fantastic! The next day i was moving on from Zambi, but i found time for an early morning fish, although unsuccessful, the views of the sun rising over the river were exceptional!

I then moved on to Kenya, and spent the night at Hemmingways. One of the most beautiful, elegant hotels i have ever had the pleasure of staying in. The room service was good, but i can’t comment more because my flight was extremely early the next day to the Maasai mara, i was excited!

The moment my plane landed at the Mara Bushtops private runway, i was met by champagne and canopies. Furthermore, we then had a quick game driver, whilst making our way to the hotel. It was heaven on earth! The rooms were tents, but it was glamping taken to another level!

The next began with a 4am hot air ballon ride to catch the Sunset, followed by a game drive, a bush picnic and then sundowners. Fortunately, i was lucky to see lions, elephants, giraffes and buffalo. Such stunning creatures!

The next day was another travelling day, to the Serengeti Bushtops resort, with the hope to see a leopard, and the famous wildebeest migration! Over the three days, we managed to see all three, and it was a serious tick from my bucket list. A must see! a can guarantee i will be going back. Nature at its finest!



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